Mod 1: Introduction

If you found this site, it’s because you have learned or suspect that someone in your life—your spouse, parent, sibling, child, boss, or friend—is a narcissist. You think this might be true because you find that this person is bullying you, manipulating you, and treating you with cruelty. Meanwhile, this individual doesn’t seem to have any empathy or desire to compromise or change. These are your suspicions, but you’re confused and unsure, and you certainly have no idea what to do now.

In Mod 1 we will learn about:

  1. What narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are, and how to recognize a narcissist.
  1. What codependency and Narcissist Victim Syndrome are, and their symptoms.
  1. What steps you can and should take when you believe you’re the victim of a narcissist.
  1. Some basic techniques for relieving the negative emotions that come with being involved with a narcissist.

Please note that this is the most information-packed Mod in the program. As a foundation for all that is to come, it includes a lot of content and backstory. Mod 1 is definitely one you will probably want to spread out over several days.

So let’s begin by considering the fictional story of Lucy (penned by me with nearly complete disregard for the character written originally by Bram Stoker), who became intimately acquainted with a narcissist of a special kind, by the name of Count Dracula. Meet Lucy….

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