Mod 1: Lucy’s Story

Lucy Westenra was born to a wealthy family in Yorkshire, England in the late 19th century, and lived on the family estate near Whitby. She had just come of age when she first met Count Dracula, a new visitor to the area who was staying at the estate for a time. Lucy thought he was one of the most attractive men she had ever seen. He had self-confidence and charm. He seemed so powerful and in control. And he took such a flattering interest in her: he seemed to hang on her every word and relish her attention.

She also sensed a curious vulnerability about him, as if he had some deep seated need that was unmet. Perhaps he had suffered at love, or felt like no one really understood him. Lucy couldn’t help feeling as if she could meet that need. His attentions to her, his flattery, the way he lit up when he saw her come into a room, all suggested it. When she was with him, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she might be the answer he sought in life, the one person who could make him whole.

This was exhilarating.

mod1lucysstoryThen the most wonderful thing happened: the Count began to woo her! Lucy had not been mistaken in her dream that he needed and wanted her! He explained that he had never met anyone like her, and that he wanted more than anything in the world to be close to her, as close as possible.

Lucy loved the feeling of being so important to someone. She wanted to be close to Dracula too—desperately. She wanted to comfort him, fulfill him, be all he needed to be. One night as the Count made ready to retire after dinner, he privately took Lucy aside. He asked her permission to visit her in her chamber that very night.

Lucy was thrilled. In spite of her upbringing and character, she found herself saying yes. When after an hour, at last the knock came at her chamber door, she invited the Count in without the slightest hesitation.

He was wonderful…his embraces and kisses overwhelmed her….

When the Count bit her neck Lucy found it strange, but any repugnance she felt was quickly overcome by her awareness of Dracula’s desperate need for her. If this was what he wanted, she was happy to give it. She wanted to give him nourishment, fulfillment and peace. She wanted to give and have her giving be meaningful and important and a blessing. It felt so good to provide that outpouring of life to this man she loved.

His bite was painful, Lucy couldn’t deny. And it left her weak in the body and confused in the mind. At first she assumed this was just how it felt to be in love. After all, obviously they were in love with each other! And the Count glowed with energy and vitality from being with her. She knew she was vitally important to him, and that meant the world to her.

So Dracula began to come to Lucy in the night. Not every night—in fact, she was never sure when to expect him. And after that first experience, it was never quite the same. He was not so attentive, his touch was not so tender. Then again, Lucy figured she was probably wrong about that—after all, first love is always heady and then fades a bit. Sometimes he wanted more blood from her than she could comfortably give…but she didn’t say anything, because something about the way he acted made her afraid that would drive him away.

This fear seemed to grow every day. In Lucy’s memory, the days before Dracula had been dull and empty. She couldn’t imagine a way to be happy without him, without having that belief in how important she was to someone. As he became more and more cold, and his bite more rough and cruel, Lucy’s fear became confused panic. Didn’t he love her? What was she doing to drive him off?

But at the same time, somewhere inside her Lucy hated what was happening. She hated feeling afraid and anxious. She hated his harsh demands, his cruelties toward her whenever she offended him in the smallest way. But the loss of blood made her weaker and weaker, more and more confused about what was the real truth.

Sometimes she wondered if Dracula loved her at all. And often Lucy felt that if things kept on this way, he was going to kill her in the end.

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