Mod 2: Introduction

Whether by this point you are separated from your narcissist or still cohabitating or otherwise involved on a regular basis, for certain you are struggling. In Mod 1 we laid some groundwork for dealing with the emotional upheaval of narcissistic abuse, but in Mod 2 we will examine more closely some of the challenges you’re facing now and what you can do to deal with them.

Topics we’ll cover in Mod 2 include:

  1. More on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including disassociation.
  1. The symptoms of anxiety, fear and guilt that can plague recovering narc victims.
  1. How to distinguish thoughts from reality and gain more control over your focus.
  1. Techniques for using meditation as a tool to bring you relief from your struggles with negative thoughts and emotions.

“Freaking out”—whether it be crying jags, nightmares, panic attacks, insomnia, or crippling fear—is the norm for victims who are starting to come to terms with their narcissistic abuse. You are not alone in this experience, even though you may feel very alone. Meanwhile, it will not last forever, even though it seems like it will. And you are not powerless to cope with it, as I hope to show you.

First let’s check in on our friend Lucy, whom we last left still in terrified thrall to her narcissist….

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