Mod 3: Introduction

In Mod 2 we covered a lot about the negative emotions felt toward the narcissist as we recover from abuse—like fear, rage, hatred, and anxiety—and we’ll be back to a similar theme in Mod 4. But many narc victims have a different sort of problem that proves very challenging: their drive to return to their narcissist.

In Mod 3 we will learn about this problem, and explore these issues:

  1. Stockholm Syndrome and how it works.
  1. Feeling guilty for separating from the narcissist.
  1. Feeling love, compassion and sympathy towards the narcissist.
  1. How to more effectively analyze and process your feelings.
  1. How to forgive yourself for your past with the narcissist.

If you’ve found yourself missing your narc, struggling with how to deal with what seems like happy experiences during your relationship with him, worrying about having hurt him by leaving, and/or feeling guilty for how you handled the relationship or the breakup, then this Mod is especially for you.

And as you may have noticed, this is the sort of struggle happening to our friend Lucy….

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