Mod 4: Introduction

While many victims struggle with sympathy for their narcissists, others feel little or no compassion in the aftermath of all the abuse. And either way, most people at one time or another experience passionate negative feelings toward their narcs. Call it hatred, call it loathing, call it rage…the emotion is violent and can be helpful or toxic depending upon how you handle it.

In Mod 4 we will talk about how to deal with such emotions, and explore these issues:

  1. The healthy and natural experience of rage towards the abuser.
  1. The dangers of feeding this anger.
  1. The question of whether you need to forgive your narcissist.
  1. The best revenge.
  1. Techniques for understanding these powerful emotions and not letting them hurt you.

Dealing with anger, bitterness, and your desire to get back at your abuser is a process that can actually slow your recovery if you don’t handle these emotions properly. But the good news is, if you do handle them properly, they can actually help you recover faster and more successfully.

Meanwhile, as you recall we left  Lucy struggling with the choice of continuing to flee, or returning back home to beg forgiveness of Dracula. Back to her story

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