Mod 5: Introduction

When you first discover you have been involved long-term with a narcissist, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. One emotion commonly suffered at this stage is despair. Hopefully if you have worked your way here through Mods 1-4, you’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel of your recovery. Nevertheless, it can seem like a very long tunnel. Now would be a great time to start to see some true progress manifest in your life, and some genuine rebuilding. Happily, you are more than ready now to start some positive steps toward your new life.

The purpose of Mod 5, then, is to deal with some of that despair by showing you not so much ways to mend your past, but ways to brighten your future. Topics of this mod include:

  1. How to see yourself as whole and healthy right now.
  1. How being the victim of narcissist abuse can be an asset rather than a liability.
  1. What you can do right now to start creating your new, happier life.
  1. Exercises that enhance happiness and well-being.

You probably recall that we left Lucy in a pretty terrible, dark place. Let’s re-engage with Lucy’s story and see what she does next…

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