Mod 6: Introduction

If you haven’t discovered it already, I’ll tell you one challenging thing about narcissism: people just don’t get it. Does this mean there’s no hope of anyone understanding what you have been through and are going through now? No, but you do have to be aware of the challenges involved when you try to share about your experiences. We’ll talk about those in Mod 6, as well as ways to overcome them.

It can be tempting to isolate yourself when you experience resistance to the story of your narc abuse. You may already be dealing with broken connections with friends and family members, lost in the process of your narcissist’s domination of you. There may be times you feel very, very alone.

Being isolated and alone is never a good thing, and especially bad when you need to heal from suffering. It’s important during your recovery to find ways to connect with those around you, to feel like you are part of the human race.

In Mod 6 we will learn about:

  1. Where to seek support from others.
  1. When and how to explain narcissist abuse to people who don’t seem to understand.
  1. Why others tend to struggle so hard to see the victim’s side of narcissist abuse, and what to do about this.
  1. How to feel more connected to humanity as you recover.
  1. Ways that your experiences can actually make you a more valuable person to society.

Being a victim of narcissistic abuse doesn’t make you into some sort of alien that “normal” people will never understand. You can find your way back into feeling like a valid and important member of the human race, and make your connections to loved ones stronger than ever.

Before we address these issues, let’s check in with Lucy….

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