Mod 7: Exercises

Here a few ideas for you to consider as you go forth with renewed dedication to healthy living:


Exercise 1: Have yourself a ten day meditation challenge

You may have noticed I have a firm belief that meditating always makes one’s life better. Well, you can see how you feel on that point by challenging yourself to a period of daily meditation.

I think ten days should suit…but if you want to try a longer period, three weeks is an excellent trial. Based on your own schedule, pick an amount of time to commit to each day. I would recommend at least ten minutes. It can help beginners if they choose a particular time of day—that way you won’t suddenly find you forgot all about it and a day has gone by. But if you have a hectic schedule with varying responsibilities throughout the day, you can also determine that you will simply make sure to get your time in during the 24 hour period.

I find it also helps to change up what you do, to keep things fresh. One day, do one of the Lucy Rising meditations. The next, set a timer and just meditate silently, perhaps with a mantra. The next day do some meditative yoga. The next, find a new meditation via an app (for example, Buddify2 or Insight Timer) or on YouTube, SoundCloud, or another website. You get the idea.

There’s really no right way or wrong way to do this exercise—the key is to find out what works best with your lifestyle, and what keeps you interested and engaged.

As you become more experienced, and meditation becomes more of a habit, you can increase your daily time if you wish. You can squeeze in a minute of meditation whenever you think of it: on the bus, in the shower, while on hold on the phone. You can do one session in the morning and one at night. It’s all up to you.

I do believe that investing even five minutes a day in this way will benefit you in ways you’d never guess.

Exercise #2: Find your guru

During the course of this program, and your various perusing of the Web on these topics, hopefully you encountered and expert or two who really spoke to you and your issues. Maybe it was Eckart Tolle or Tara Brach on mindfulness, or the Dalai Lama or Deepak Chopra on spirituality, or Kristin Neff on self-compassion. Spend some time on this “guru’s” website or read his/her books. Or, don’t limit yourself to one, by all means!

Committing to reading a little bit of inspiration daily will remind you not to neglect your “spiritual” side. Again, even five minutes will do it. The mind just needs that reminder to stay thoughtful and mindful, and a nudge is enough!

Exercise #3: “Every30”

I confess, I invented this one and am just trying to start it myself as I write this. The idea is this:

At the top of each hour, e.g. 10:00 a.m., get up!  (Top of the hour: “get up.”) That means, if you have been sitting still for a long time, do something physical. Walk around for a minute, do some stretching, stand for the next few minutes while you work, do a few yoga poses, or just do something on your to-do list that involves motion.

At the bottom of each hour, e.g. 10:30 a.m., go down into your mind! (Bottom of the hour: “go down.”) That means take a minute or two or three to be mindful, to check out how your body is feeling, to be aware of the now-here-this, and to be conscious about what you’re thinking, feeling and doing. This little check-in may just keep you more aware and mindful the rest of the hour as well.

Even if you go a few hours forgetting all about this, or if you’re fully occupied by something and just can’t do it for awhile, that’s okay. The point is, if you make the effort to do these exercises when you see the minute hand pointing up or down (or those :00 and :30 digits on your digital clock), it could become a really good habit that’s a part of your daily life.

Exercise #4: Give yourself a treat

 Why? Because, dear friend, you are about to complete the entire Lucy Rising Program! I can’t believe you’ve stuck with me through all this—you rock! Celebrate this accomplishment by doing something nice for yourself ASAP. Toast yourself with a glass of pinot grigio, or get yourself a fancy cupcake. Or just take the next hour to do whatever you feel like. You earned it!

Well, that’s a wrap!

If you have feedback to share with me…give me a treat and go to the Contact page and shoot me your thoughts! I’d sure love to know about anyone who has completed the entire program like you have.

And I want to show you my personal thanks by sharing with you our final Meditation, which I prepared especially with my fellow narcissist victims in mind.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear friend. Love to you, and Namaste!

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